AIdAM (Italian Association of Automation Mechatronic) It was founded in April 2011 to represent the innovative industrial sector of Mechatronics. This is the result of ten years of experience gained from Aida association, which represents the natural expressive evolution of manufacturing companies, as well as integrators and distributors of machines and components for the industrial automation. Traditionally, mechanics, electronics and computer science have never mixed due to their sector-specific know-how. However, they now complement each other through electronic systems and drives, thus giving rise to additional modules. Mechanical, electronic and computer engineering give life to mechatronics, which is a totally new subject that couples products to solutions, components to systems and single part to the whole system.


The EFAC –  European Committee for Industrial Automation – was founded on March 15 2000 in Zurich. It is the European information and communication platform for the manufacturers of assembly and handling technology. 

Its members are trade associations from France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Switzerland. It is an European sector committee that represents the group and the management of industrial technology.

 The EFAC tasks comprises of the following:

• Providing statistics and collecting market data on the sector technology in Europe

• Organizing international conferences

• Representing its field before the European institutions

• Promoting the fair trade policy

• Supplying information on the industry

The EFAC president is Mr. Rolf Rihs, who is the COO of Mikron Automation, Boudry, Switzerland.

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Today robotic automation plays a key role and it has become irreplaceable in many industrial processes. New application frontiers are opening up in industrial sectors still unexplored, such as space and underwater activities, civil defense, agriculture and medicine.

SIRI, which is a non-profit cultural association founded in 1975, is designed to be a point of reference for those who feel the need for expanding the subject of robotics and of its applications.s. New application frontiers are opening up in industrial sectors still unexplored, such as space and underwater activities, civil defense, agriculture and medicine.

SIRI includes among its associated members research institutes, universities, manufacturers, integrators, importers working in the robotics and automation fields, in order to promote the link and encourage the exchange of  ideas and information between research, industry and users.

SIRI works in close cooperation with Dodici Edizioni and UCIMU – SISTEMI PER PRODURRE (Union of Italian Manufacturers of Machine Tools). The connections with Dodici Edizioni and through M&A allow SIRI to share its own initiatives and the information sent by its members. UCIMU – SISTEMI PER PRODURRE is the direct line to the industrial world and provides the tools for the market research. The organizational structure of SIRI allows its members to be involved through the Board of Directors, who are voted every two years by the General Meeting, and the homogeneous groups of interest (Builders, Integrators, Researchers, Users, Component Suppliers and Engineering Companies).

SIRI is a member of the IFR (International Federation of Robotics), which is an organization connecting the robotics associations of the industrialized countries.

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UCIMA (Italian Association Manufacturers of Machinery for Packing and Packaging) is the national association that unites, represents and serves the Italian manufacturers of machines for packaging and packing, association counts more than 100 companies, including the most representative of the sector.
UCIMA provides professional and specialized services, with the aim to support and simplify the daily work of member companies. UCIMA is the only sector institutional partner: therefore exercising representation activities with agencies and national and international institutions with the aim of contributing to the strengthening and advancement of companies.

UCIMA represents companies operating in the food and confectionery to tobacco, from pharmaceutical industry to chemical and petrochemical industries, from cosmetics to end of line technologies.